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Brilliant Memory Box In “We’re Still Here”: an Exhibition on Age and Loneliness

Laurie says:

As I wrote earlier here, I  went to the Museum of Art and History (MAH) in Santa Cruz to see the exhibition “We’re Still Here”.  My daughter, choreographer Cid Pearlman, was one of the artists whose work was featured.

I was very impressed with the exhibition and wrote about it a some length. And I wanted to also show this wonderful Memory Box by Melody Sharp that was part of the art by seniors. It is a beautiful work of art with a level of interrelated detail that the photo doesn’t do justice to.

Melody sharp said about the work In Memoriam: My Wonderful Husband. I lost my husband of 23 years almost 5 years ago. I created this Assemblage after his death. He was a collector of oddball items that he deemed had artistic merit. Our house is filled with these and so I sifted through until I found some items that seemed to work together.

The exhibition runs til January 12 2020. If you are in the area – go see it.