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Vision and Expression @ Barcelona

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Pandemic Shadows 116

Laurie says:

I am in a marvelous exhibition at the Valid World Hall Gallery in Barcelona, curated by Zsolt Bátori, from April 3-10, 2024.

Zsolt chose two of my Pandemic Shadows photographs; one taken in Estonia, one taken in Berkeley.

Although photography initially emerged as a technological invention, it quickly evolved into an expressive artistic practice. Pictorialist photographs from the nineteenth century were crafted to resemble paintings, while proponents of straight photography in the early twentieth century aimed for a purely photographic approach to conveying meaning. Street photographers dedicated the medium to capturing fleeting moments, and in the latter part of the twentieth century, many photographers embraced staging and directing to employ photography as a means of artistic visual communication. Straight photography derives expressive meaning from the observed scene, while directorial, or staged photography involves creating a scene based on a preconceived notion. Art photography today encompasses various genres and creative practices, ranging from portraiture, landscape, and still life to staged, abstract, and conceptual photography. More recently, AI-generated photo-based images have also asserted their presence in the art photography scene. In this exhibition, contemporary photographers demonstrate their understanding of photography as an expressive fine art practice in the twenty-first century. (Curated by Zsolt Bátori.)

This PH21 Gallery exhibition is presented in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, in collaboration with Valid World Hall Gallery, a renowned centre for the visual arts.

Pandemic Shadows 132

I was particularly pleased to be in this exhibition, because the abstract expressionist movement of the 1950s is a strong influence on my work, though not always an obvious one. 132 is an indoor shadow taken in Estonia, and 116 was taken in a walk around Berkeley.


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