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Pandemic Shadows: Fall Light

Laurie says:

I continue to be amazed by fall light, it’s angles and the shadows that it creates. I was in Tolay Park in Sonoma, California and the fall light and the photographic choices were inspiring.


I saw this fence in the park in Sonoma. I loved the complexity and subtlety of the shadows. The low sun makes fall light superb and different


A very different fall light image. The low sun makes reflections as stunning as the shadows. I’ll be curious to see what spring brings but I have a feeling that it is fall light that is magic.

And these  photos are completely different from each other, even the subtleties are radically different.

I keep seeing fall shadow images. I saw some today on a mural in my neighborhood. I’m going to check them out tomorrow. If it looks as good when I’m in front of it as it did from a car then I’ll have shadows on a tiger’s face.


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