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Body Impolitic’s Notes on Sane(r) Holidays in 2020

Laurie and Debbie say:

First, there is nothing sane about 2020. All of us are experiencing pandemic fatigue and pandemic brain, and many are experiencing worse. Denying that to ourselves just makes things even rougher.

We hope you are all staying home and staying safe for the holidays. If you are not, please be as cautious and thoughtful as you can, to protect your own health and that of others.

If you are staying home and you love and miss your family, this is a hard time to be away from people you care about. Stay in touch by phone and internet, make little rituals with each other to minimize the distance, and look forward to better holidays in 2021.

If you are staying home and your family is difficult for whatever reason, enjoy the break!

We will see you in January 2021, when there will be wider vaccine distribution and not too many days to a new administration.

Stay safe and well!

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