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Photos in “scapes-Barcelona” Exhibition

Laurie says:

I’m delighted to have two photos in “scapes-Barcelona” at the Valid World Hall Gallery, a renowned center for the visual arts. It opened yesterday and runs  til June 15th.

There are all sorts of natural, artificial, and even staged scenes that capture the attention of photographers, compel and inspire them to pause, observe and create an image for the sake of the scene and convey a personal interpretation of what they see. These types of photographs go by a variety of names; they are called landscapes, cityscapes, streetscapes, seascapes, waterscapes, cloudscapes, or even desertscapes, treescapes, bodyscapes, and the like. Among these photographs the most successful ones go well beyond the mere recording of the visual qualities of a place as they bear the marks of the interpretive insights of the photographer. They make us contemplate a scene as meaningful and significant. For it is never challenging to merely re-present; it takes a novel conception of the scene to engage us, viewers, through the keen eyes and the creative mind of the photographer. Zsolt Bátori

The exhibition was curated by Zsolt Bátori and Borbála Jász. Please click on photos for best quality image.

From my book Women en Large: Images of Fat Nudes



From my book Familiar Men: A Book of Nudes



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