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Seductive What?

white radish like a Modigliani odalisque lying on her side


Debbie says:

The world is full of disturbing and concerning things to blog about, think about, and even obsess about. So sometimes we all need a break. Here’s the best break I’ve seen in a long time.

Sad and Useless offers The World’s Greatest Gallery of Seductive Radishes. And they aren’t kidding.

two radishes like people on their backs, one with invitingly crossed "legs" and the other with a third tendril rising out of its "crotch."

I tend to think of round, red radishes, the most standard U.S. variety. And those are pretty enough, but “seductive” is quite a stretch. These long white forked radishes, on the other hand, just cry out to be in this gallery.

radish "sitting cross-legged" on the base of a planter

There are lots more at the link. I had trouble picking three. Treat yourself; check out the site when you really want to smile.

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