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Exhibition in the US: The Natural and the Artificial

Laurie says:


Please click on image for best view. I’m delighted that this image from my Pandemic Shadows project is in The Natural and the Artificial exhibition.

The natural and the artificial are diametrically opposed concepts that evoke contrasting ideas such as organic versus geometric, spontaneous versus designed, instinctive versus deliberate, wild versus tamed, and more. However, there exists a continuum between these opposing forces, manifesting in the form of tamed nature like gardens or abandoned spaces being reclaimed by nature, for instance. The interplay, cross-border interactions, struggles, and coexistences of the two at these junctures provide unique experiences to explore, especially in the visual realm. Throughout the history of the medium, photographers have been drawn to the creative possibilities of capturing, interpreting, and presenting the natural, the artificial, and their many intertwined forms. Images of these subjects are among the most captivating ways of elucidating our intricate and often conflicting relationship with our environment. By exploring and depicting the natural and the artificial in all their varied forms, photographers can offer us insight into the complexities of the world we inhabit.

This is a curated international exhibit by Zsolt Bátori and Borbála Jász. Opening remarks are by Tris McCall, art critic for NJArts Network and The Jersey City Times; and President of Pro Arts, Dorie Dahlberg, photographer and art educator.

It’s in the Powerhouse Arts District in Jersey City, NJ, USA, in collaboration with Pro Arts Jersey City, a renowned NYC Metro center and artist community for the visual arts. Pro Arts’ ART150 Gallery is located minutes from New York City via PATH and the Grove St. station. The address is 157A, 1st St, Jersey City, from August  5th to the 27th.

The opening is Saturday the 5th of August, from 12 to 3 EDT, on line at https://us06web.zoom.us/j/9648083158?pwd=WmxXTnFZRk1xdHpCYStIUmNrZnpZdz09. I’ll be there for the on-line opening.


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