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Nudes for the New Year

Laurie says:

Just a quick note to remind folks that the final day of the Holiday Sale for Women En Large:Images of Fat Nudes and Familiar Men:A Book of Nudes is New Years Day.  I like the idea of “nudes for the new year”.

Thanks again to everyone who has ordered the book.  The number of international sales continues to surprise me.  I just got an order for two more from Australia.

Very best wishes to everyone in 2009!


Nudes for the Holidays 2

Laurie says:

Many thanks to the people who have been ordering the books from the Holiday Sale.

There was a glitch in PayPal, and even though the $15 includes free US shipping, some people were charged the additional $5 by PayPal. We’ve refunded these folks $5 thru PayPal and the glitch is  fixed.  International shipping is at a reduced rate of $7, which will be added to the $15 by PayPal.

We didn’t expect so many international orders and we really appreciate them.  We love it when the books travel.  Hope the people who receive the books for the holiday are really happy with them.