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Fun Before WisCon, or Men Saving Room for Cats

Debbie says:

I’ve often been tempted to blog about the various Tumblr and Instagram collections of men taking up more than their share of room on public transit. For one thing, this conversation always reminds me of the fabulous Fat Lip Readers’ Theatre, from my early days as a fat activist, talking about how fat women have the power to appreciate taking up space on public transit rather than cowering into a corner.

But in the end, I’ve always decided that there wasn’t really enough to say about the topic; (many) men take up extra space, (many) women squeeze into the smallest spaces possible.

But now, the real reason for this male behavior has been unveiled, and it’s too good not to share. They’re saving room for giant house cats!

saving room for cats 3

There are lots more at the link!

Maya at Feministing found this before I did.

Laurie and I are taking off for WisCon, and our annual one-week break from blogging at this time of year. See you next week!