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My Tableware at ‘Composing the Future’ Exhibition

Laurie says:

This is very different then my usual work except for the Pandemic Shadow print. The concept was inspired by Jennifer Jigour, who brilliantly curated the Tableware portion of the exhibition. It’s a show of the Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art at the Bankhead Theater, Livermore (5/3 til 6/27), Thursday to Sunday 12 to 5pm.

Part of the concept was influences on your art. That was perfect for my design. The stainless silverware was designed by my Uncle Ben, an important industrial designer of the second half of the 20th century. The 19th century jet beads came from my Grandma Bertha, who made bead jewelry, and had an unusual jewelry store in Greenwich Village. The place mat is a pandemic shadow photo – I also wanted a sense of these difficult times.

My grandmother was the love of my life, and two of them were the really good people in my family.

And here is closer view of the work:

There were three other artists who had tableware in this phase of the exhibition. All of the work shown with mine was really impressive, so I photographed it to show here. The lighting and angles were less then perfect, but I think the images worked out well in spite of that. We were asked to write the”Toasts” as part of our projects. (Not everyone did.) Mine was covered in my conversation about my work.


Tableware by Jill Andre:

And this is the “Toast” with her Tablesetting:


Tableware by Kate Mitchell:

And a close view of her art:


Tableware by Carolyn Tullia:

And here is a closeup so you can see the amazing detail:

And here is her Toast:


And this is Jennifer Jigour in front of her art.

And here is a link to a short video she made of some of the tableware art. Because of space limitations the Tableware “rotated” at the exhibition, so there is lbeautiful art in the video that’s not in this post.


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