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Fat Shaming (Doesn’t) Need to Make a Comeback: James Corden vs. Bill Maher

Debbie says:

Just so you know, the above video is anti-fat-shaming, but also swallows some myths about fat and health entirely whole.

Last week, Bill Maher (not one of my favorite people) flatly said “Fat shaming doesn’t need to end; it needs to make a comeback.” Clips from Maher’s comments are included in Corden’s video.

James Corden wasn’t on my map at all (okay, I do spend some time under a rock). Corden hosts The Late, Late Show with James Corden … and he’s fat. So it takes some courage for him to make a public response.

As I mentioned above, Corden seems to have completely swallowed the stereotype that fat (which he calls “overweight”) is unhealthy, which we (and by “we” I mean the health at every size movement and fat activists generally) know is wrong. He believes that losing weight is the goal every fat person has or should have. He believes in the “epidemic” of fat.

So he’s not an ally of fat people, including himself. At the same time, he’s an enemy of fat-shaming … and, by extension, what’s wrong with Bill Maher. And he manages to do it being funny, clear, and not shaming back.

“It’s proven, that fat-shaming only does one thing–it makes people feel ashamed. And shame leads to depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behavior.”


“Let’s be honest: fat-shaming is just bullying.”

What’s needed here is a third video, in which someone takes on Corden with the same verve, style, and tone on which Corden takes on Maher. I’m down with that.

And, despite all my reservations, I’m always down with anyone who will call out fat-shaming for what it is, in clear, unequivocal language.

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