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Pandemic Shadows

Laurie says:

I started being interested in shadow patterns, when I started taking iPhone photos. I’d done some serious landscape work, but that was a long time ago. But with the pandemic, the isolation and the walking that I’ve been doing, it clarified into something much more emotionally involving.

I’ve started a new series of images that were definitely inspired by sheltering in place and the whole pandemic isolation world.

They are all shadows on paths, some of them sidewalks some of them something more complex.

These are the first group with which I am aesthetically and meaningfully satisfied. Happy or pleased doesn’t apply. But I am fascinated by the way they reflect an aspect of how things are and how they interact together.




I’ll be fascinated to learn, over time, where these paths lead me.

Dancers, Light and Shadows

Laurie says:

I took these photos at the last night of my daughter Cid’s show Economies of Effort in San Francisco. Show was amazing.

They’re not about documenting the dance. Her Facebook page has lots of photos and videos by folks who were there. They are the compositions and images that work for me as an artist.

I saw the show several times, So on the last night, when I saw the dancers with the light and shadows on the balcony I felt like I could get involved in taking photos. It’s a very intense and different head space than being involved in a performance. And, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been using my iPhone for some photography.

I’ve created aesthetic sequences for them. The order is not necessarily that of the actual dance but what felt right to me. (Because I couldn’t choose the perfect spot to shoot from, the photos are cropped, but there is no other modification or photoshopping.)

1 economy siim 0890-1
2 economy siim & g_0876
3 economy siim & g _0877
4 economy siim 1 _0886And

1 economy 2g1_0883
2 economy 2g2_0881
3 economy 2g4_0879
4 economy 2g3_0880
5 economy 2g_0887

Dancers are Simon Tea, Collette Kollewe, Julia Daniel. Juliet Ulibarri, and Juliet Paramo.

Taking iPhone photos is expanding the kind of work I do.  I’m still working on very long term projects – presently Memory Landscapes, but I also am making the occasional individual works like these.