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Photo of the Week: Idriss Stelley Poster


Laurie says:

This image is of an Idriss Stelley poster. He was a mentally disturbed 23 year old shot multiple times by the San Francisco police. The photo is from the new memory chain on my image “Handkerchief” from my work in progress “Memory Landscapes”, a feminist memoir. This will take you to “Handkerchief” on the web site , and then click on the photo of Trayvon Martin to see the whole memory chain.

These images are part of my work in progress, “Memory Landscapes”, a feminist visual memoir. I am re-engaging with the memories of my life, creating an autobiographical visual memoir, expressing the poetics of non-linear time. Memories are filtered, by who we are now, who we were then, and what has happened in between. We view our past through layers of memories, and the past is everything that happened except this moment. Memory Landscapes will eventually be an iPad app that creates an aesthetic of time and memory.

Memory Landscapes