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Lil Nas X: Make Everyone Laugh at the Haters

Laurie and Debbie say:

In case his music isn’t your thing, Lil Nas X is a highly talented rapper and singer, and a two-time Grammy winner. Along with his musical proficiency, he has a lesser known but equally finely-honed talent: he’s brilliant at trolling racists, white supremacists, and homophobes– which he gets plenty of opportunity to do, as he is both Black and gay.

Jazmin Tolliver has a short piece at Huffington Post about one of Lil Nas X’s latest ripostes. A group of anti-LGBTQ protesters showed up outside his Montero tour stop in Boston this past Sunday … and he had his team bring them pizza! And tweeted about it.

Now here they are, hypocrites if they accept the pizza, fools if they reject it. So they rejected it. And here’s the extra zinger.

Of course, homophobic and white supremacist movements are extremely dangerous and must be taken seriously. That being said, nothing disconcerts these people more than being set up to be laughed at, and it’s a great tactic when used carefully. This makes us think not only of some other stunts Lil Nas X has pulled, but also of the K-POP Army that undermined a major Trump rally in the lead-up to the 2020 election, and the time-honored technique of getting your supporters to pledge donations based on the number of counter-protestors who show up.

The pizza gift isn’t only a good strategy to discomfit and dismiss the protesters, it’s also a way to make Lil Nas X and his staff and fans feel good about themselves, which matters.


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