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Cid Pearlman is Looking for Poets

Laurie says:

My daughter choreographer Cid Pearlman is looking for poets for her new art installation with dance video, poetry, and live performance. She has already done some wonderful work with poetry and dance.

Cid Pearlman’s call for poetry:


Submit poems to our new interdisciplinary project!

Four selected poets will each receive a $500 honorarium for an original work. Five additional poets will each receive honorable mentions and one or more of their poems will appear on the project’s webpage.

(home)Body is an art installation with dance video, poetry, and live performance. This work is a collaboration between artistic director/choreographer Cid Pearlman, video artist Mara Milam, poet/dramaturge Denise Leto, and ten dance artists.

The poems we commission will seek to represent a multiplicity of voices. They will inform the content we create and will function as scaffolding and inspiration for the dance and video.

We are looking for poems that speak to ideas around home and body in personal, experimental, and/or topical ways. The poems can range in metaphorical and embodied complexity. For example, the body in question can be the personal/individual body, the communal/community body, the body politic and/or the synecdochal body.

There is no entry fee. We welcome all poetic forms and approaches (lyric, experimental, performance poetry, slam poetry, prose poems etc). We very much encourage new and emerging artists.

We are particularly interested in seeing submissions from BIPOC poets, poets from the LGBTQIA+ community, young poets, and poets from disability communities across all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Submissions open: November 24, 2020 Deadline: February 15, 2021 at midnight PST. Send to: hombodypoets@gmail.com

Please do not submit until you read the complete guidelines and learn more about the project at: www.cidpearlman.org/home-body-poetry-guidelines

This project is made possible by the Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship at the Community Foundation Santa Cruz.

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Cid Pearlman: Upcoming Final Dance Concerts From Her “Year of Free “


Laurie says:

My daughter, the choreographer Cid Pearlman, made 2016 her Year of Free. As a way to make more art accessible to more people they are all free to audiences,The last group of performances are coming soon in October. I’m really proud that she’s doing this.

Economies of Effort: 1 is a stunning dance of world building and power. It knocked me at when it opened in 2015.

Cid says:
The set begins as a box – part Ikea, part Home Depot, part museum installation – out of which the dancers  build their own world.  Performed in the round, EoE: 1 features a set designed by visual artist Robbie Schoen and music by composer Albert Mathias.

For me, the piece is fundamentally about what it means to be a maker, and I am particularly interested in the frictions that exist between creating something with bodies (theoretically intangible) and building something that has a solid shape (with the illusion of permanence). In radical acts of self-sufficiency, self-containment, and sustainability, the dancers control all of the technical aspects of the production from the set to the sound and lighting.

I’ve been working with an amazing group of dancers on this project (Julia Daniel, Molly Katzman, Collette Kollewe, Lyndia McGauhey, Chelsea Renfree, Cynthia Strauss), and we’ve reworked the material from a quintet to a sextet. Economies of Effort: 1 premiered in 2015 at Joe Goode Annex.

Looking Left is an annual dance festival in Santa Cruz the features original dance by a variety of companies. The outdoor site specific setting is wonderful

Cid Says:
Stripped down, streamlined and succinct, Looking Left is a somewhat annual dance and performance festival in Santa Cruz.  This year ten dance artists will present site-specific works in and around the grounds of Santa Cruz’s historic City Hall. Choreographers include Molly Katzman, Damara Vita Ganley, Katie Griffin, Cynthia Ling Lee, David King, Cid Pearlman, Cynthia Strauss & Matthew Shyka, and Collette Kollewe & Erin Reynolds. This year’s festival features three youth companies – Motion Pacific Teen Co./Artists in Motion (AIM), the Kirby Dance Company, and Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center’s Teen Company.

And to repeat all of this remarkable work is free. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, October 12, 7:30pm, FREE
Economies of Effort: 1 (2015)
An evening length dance exploring the virtues of self-reliance and the creative impulse.
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History
705 Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Friday & Saturday, October 14-15, 7:30pm, FREE
Looking Left/Dance in Unlikely Places
An evening of site specific performance.
Santa Cruz City Hall
809 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Wednesday, October 19, 8:00pm, FREE
Economies of Effort: 1 (2015)
An evening length dance exploring the virtues of self-reliance and the creative impulse.
Joe Goode Annex
401 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA 94110