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Quick Take: Serena Williams’ Catsuit, Tutu, and Style


Debbie says:

Last week, Serena Williams was told by the administrators of the French Open tennis tournament that she couldn’t continue to wear her Black-Panther-inspired catsuit, even though the suit was designed with compression stockings to help prevent the life-threatening blood clots she suffers from.


She did wear the suit this year, but was told it will not be allowed in the future. She has worn very similar suits to the past three French Opens, but this one was banned on the grounds that “one must respect the sport.”

I might say the sport should respect Serena …

Anyway, she is now appearing at the U.S. Open in a … Louis Vuitton designed tutu. With compression fishnet stockings!

Fashion sense, medical necessity, complete readiess to disregard stupid rules … and incomparable tennis prowess. That’s Serena!