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Cool Fat Poster

Laurie says:

I love this fat monologue poster by Barry Deutsch.   He’s talking about pain and process that are all too typical for many people.  Check out the web version so you can read the text and see details.  You can buy it here.

Barry Deutsch Poster

There was originally a paragraph here where I read the nude figure in the back ground as female. Fortunately I got an almost immediate comment from purpleshineycrafter “Uh, the picture in the background looks like a man to me”. They’re right and it should have been obvious. In spite of all my years of experience with fat nudes of both sexes I read it wrong. Aside from my total embarrassment, it says something about how heavy some of the visual tapes can be. We’re barraged for our lifetimes with images of how people are supposed to look. My profound apologies, especially to Barry.

Speaking of lovely nudes of fat men, here is one of my favorite images from Familiar Men.
Richard Labonte

I love Barry Deutsch’s comic Hereville.  It’s set in a contemporary alternate universe in an orthodox  Jewish community with dragons, surreal creatures, family, and a heroic little girl named Mirka .  He’s at the APE 2008 (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco tomorrow.

Thanks to Lynn Kendall for pointing to the poster.