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A Little Local Activism

Debbie says:

Recently, the BART stations I go through every day have been papered with billboards for lap band weight loss surgery. They’re completely standard weight loss posters–they have the canonical out-of-focus picture of a badly dressed fat woman inset next to the lovely picture of a beautifully dressed thin woman with a huge smile, and they tell you how Sarah lost 80 pounds (!) with lap band, and so can you.

Most of them are on the other side of the tracks from where people stand, and I can’t reach them. But three or four are right by where I walk, or can easily walk. So I’m printing these stickers, 8-1/2 x 11, on colored stickers if I can get them, and I’m plastering them on every one of the billboards that I can reach.



Journal of Obesity Surgery, 2008: “CONCLUSIONS: Complications requiring reoperations are common during the third year after the operation, and almost 25% of the patients will need at least one reoperation. Mean EWL in all patients does not exceed 50% in 7 years or 40% in 9 years and failure rates increase with time, up to 40% at 9 years.”


“I never found the sweet spot between feeling satiated on smaller amounts of food but not throwing up constantly. … The day to day reality … is that I eat in a completely disordered way, I eat much less healthy, fresh food than I would like (or ever did pre-op), I’m tired all the time, I’m cold all the time, I vomit several times a day most days…. In the last few months there has been blood present a few times when I was vomiting, which finally vaulted the need to have this thing out from elective to emergency as far as the insurance company is concerned.”

“I’m also failing this band. Or is the band failing me? … I never give up, but lately, I’m tired of making my three medical loan payments knowing this surgery did not work.”.”


Anyone want some? I’ll send you a .pdf, or mail you actual stickers anywhere for free.

Beautiful:Jamie Anderson

Laurie says:

Thanks to Geri for sending me Beautiful by the singer Jamie Anderson.  It really spoke to me.

Hey how ya doin’ she says, with a quick embrace
I step back and look into an almost familiar face
Laughing she says she lost almost fifty pounds
“I can wear most any clothes now I’m not so big around”
Her smile is hopeful but I can’t think of more than
I thought she was beautiful before
The surgery was worth it she said, then slowly frowned
“I was scared, there were complications but I’m five dress sizes down”
Gone are her lovely curves and the shine in her eyes
She wants me to be happy but I just want to cry
I thought she was beautiful before
You might think I’m bitter but I’m healthy, I feel great
I wish the same for her, it’s not about the weight
Oh my dear friend, I hope she’s really fine
I told her that she’s beautiful at any size
What she did was dangerous, was it worth the try?
Truth is I love her, I’m just glad that she’s alive
I think she is beautiful
She is so beautiful
We all are beautiful in my eyes

copyright 2003 Jamie Anderson

It’s available for download on Jamie’s website.