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Finalists Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017

Laurie says:

These images are from the astronomy photographer of the year contest. These are four of the finalists. All the images are stunning. See them here. I love astronomy photography when it’s brilliant, and these are!

Auroral Crown: Yulia Zhulikova (Russia) During an astrophotography tour of the Murmansk region with Stas Korotkiy, an amateur astronomer and popularizer of astronomy in Russia, the turquoise of the Aurora Borealis swirls above the snow covered trees. Illuminated by street lamps, the trees glow a vivid pink forming a contrasting frame for Nature’s greatest light show.


Fall Milk: Brandon Yoshizawa (USA). The snow-clad mountain in the Eastern Sierras, California, towers over the rusty aspen grove aligned perfectly in front of it, whilst our galaxy, the Milky Way, glistens above.

Ignite the Lights: Nicolas Alexander Otto (Germany). After a long hike from his small cabin to Kvalvika, Lofoten Islands in Norway, the photographer arrived at the slopes above the beach around midnight. During the hike the auroral display was relatively weak, but when he made it to the beach the sky ignited in a colourful spectacle of greens and purples framed by the mossy, green landscape. The image is stacked from six different exposures to combat high ISO and thermal noise in the foreground. The sky was added from one of these exposures.

Aurora Over Svea: Agurtxane Concellon (Spain). The purples and greens of the Northern Lights radiate over the coal mining city of Svea, in the archipelago of Svalbard. The earthy landscape below the glittering sky is illuminated by the strong lights of industry at the pier of Svea.

I would not like to be the judge/s making the final choice.