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Handkerchief: From my Memories


Laurie says:

This is one of the major photographs from Memory Landscape Memoir, my work in progress. I’m trying to create an aesthetic of memory, so the photographs get very complex and layered. But these bad times make me want to show this image with a direct immediate story. It’s a very different way of doing this for me, but in this moment it feels right.


from Memory Landscapes

The black and white photo is of the The Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom, which took place on May 17, 1957, when a crowd of over thirty thousand nonviolent demonstrators, from more than thirty states, gathered at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Somewhere in that crowd are me and my friend Pat Sexton. We had come down from NYC on the bus with an NAACP group from Jamaica, Queens.

The young woman in the photo is me at about the age I was in 1957.

1954 is the last year Emmett Till was alive. He died when I was twelve. story of his death and the images of his battered body made a deep impression on me then.

The 9mm bullets and shells are like the bullets that murdered Trayvon Martin in 2013

Aces and Eights are the “Dead Man’s Hand”. Wild Bill Hickock was holding it when he was gunned down.

The white handkerchief represents the handkerchiefs they asked us to wave rather then applaud the speakers since it was a prayer pilgrimage. The air was filled with waving handkerchiefs. That created very intense energy–far more then applause would have.

Memory Landscapes: Shadow Pictures Two


Laurie says:

This is a group of shadow pictures that I’m considering for my major work in progress, Memory Landscapes.  The gallery is here and a description of the project is here.  Since I’m in the process of creating a complex aesthetic of memory and memoir, the description of the project is also a work in progress.

I’m putting them up much larger than usual to give a sense of what they’ll look like as iPad art.

shadow 22nd intense_1136

I posted about some of the shadow images earlier this year. I’ve been working on the photos and the associative memory chains but haven’t been writing about them nearly enough. The shadow pictures represent a place where you space out and “your brain goes to Brooklyn”, so to speak.

window 1_1146

We remember vividly, with intervals of presence without definite thought or focus. (This is not the optimal description but I’m working on it.)

I have a newer “in progress” version of the associative memory chains that includes some spoken word pieces and shadow photos that I’ll be linking to and writing more about pretty soon. Here is the present version I have up.  Check it out if you’re not familiar with the project.


I’ve been somewhat obsessed with these shadow images in recent months. I’ve also been working on some shadow video that I’ll be posting about as well.


I’m taking some down time so I probably won’t be posting for a few weeks.  Then I’ll be putting up a major photo from Memory Landscapes.