Pandemic Shadows Project May Be Finished

Laurie says:

It’s been about three years and I think I just put up the last photo (see above and click on all photos for best image) on my Instagram gallery. If I’m right some of the images will go up as a gallery on my web site. I have 130 photos on Instagram, so I’ll have to make some choices before I put up the new gallery.

It will probably go up in August and I’ll announce it here.

I’m going to have my usual hard time without a photography project. This one got me through the lock down and most of the pandemic. At least I hope that we are slowly approaching the end of the pandemic. I’m never completely happy when I don’t have a photography project, but I always have to wait til it comes up rather then do some kind of objective choice. My previous projects are Women En Large, Familiar Men, and Women of Japan. They usually take me about 5 years, but Pandemic Shadows took 3, which is short for me. But it definitely feels done or close to done.

My next project always comes to me almost out of the blue. So I’ll just have to wait.

Pandemic Shadows came to me because I had bought a new iPhone at the beginning of the lock down, and I was walking in my neighborhood for exercise and started to really notice the shadows. Its the only time, so far, that I have done something serious that didn’t involve people. It has changed my eyes and the way I see, in ways I really like. It gave me a chance to create beauty in a very bad time.

Anyway here are a few photos that will definitely be in the website gallery:




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