Transgender Day of Remembrance

Debbie says:

Laurie and I always try to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance. As the intensifying attacks on trans people (and especially trans children) have gotten more traction in the last few years, it feels even more important to remember that real human people’s lives are on the line every day.

This year, the GLAAD website lists 33 trans people killed in the United States,  ages 19-50, from all over the country–from Albany, NY to Los Angeles, CA. Of course, that isn’t everyone, or close to everyone, even in this country, and the international numbers are higher still.

Some years, I’ve been able to find pictures, but this year only hard facts in text. So here is what GLAAD knows about the youngest and oldest victims:

Kathryne “Katie” Newhouse, an Asian-American trans woman, was killed in Georgia on March 19. She was 19 years old.

Nedra, a Black trans woman, was killed in Opa-locka, FL on May 14. She was 50 years old.

They left behind their stories, the people who loved them, the families who may have loved them or may have exiled them, and a world in which they were always in danger.

Makes me think of old Malvina Reynolds lyrics (from “I Cannot Sleep,”), transmuted slightly for this purpose. I feel confident Reynolds would approve.

If there were one, it would be cause to wonder
If there were one, it would be cause to weep.
But they are numbered in too many dozens
And for each one, I cannot sleep.

Remembering them–fighting to have this day be obsolete–that’s all we can do.


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