New Pandemic Shadows

Laurie says:

I just realized that I haven’t put up and new photos from my Pandemic Shadows project in too long.  It’s been a lifesaver for my photography in the lockdown and the long pandemic.

The hard part is that I need my art to be always new in some way, but I keep finding shadows that are fresh and work for me. It does keep getting harder but it’s still working. It helps that I had a very abstract expressionist childhood.

The season’s quality of the light really helps and I’ve been delighting in summer light. Each seasonal light changes things profoundly.

These are some from the last two months:


The strength of the tree shadow and the delicacy of the purple and gold leaves made a stunning contrast.

They were painting the apartment next door and the combination of the delicate shadow patterns and the white reflection of the holes in the curtains made a superb abstract pattern.

Summer shadows of delicate leaves on the sidewalk.

A very different flowing  abstract in summer light.


I’ll try to put my Pandemic Shadows images up more often.


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