Pandemic Shadows Photos in “Containment: Stories of Art in Isolation”

Laurie says

Pandemic Shadows #1

I am especially pleased that 2 iconic Pandemic Shadows photographs are in the Containment: Stories of Art in Isolation exhibition, by the Women’s Caucus for Art (Young Women’s Caucus). The topic reflects the essence of my Pandemic Shadows project that I started in March of 2020 at the beginning of the lockdown.

Pandemic Shadows #24

The quote is part of an artist’s statement I wrote for Feminine Moments when they featured my work:

“I’ve been walking & living in the shadow of the pandemic and the lockdown, photographing the Pandemic Shadows that I see everywhere. I started being interested in shadow patterns when I began taking iPhone photos. The pandemic, the isolation, and the walking I’ve been doing, transformed my vision into something far more emotionally involving. It lets me make beauty in hard times.

The lockdown has made me pause, observe and create images of shadows that depend on light and time and sometimes air. For me they capture an essence of this pandemic time.
My work is developing very intensely, in terms of emotion, choices and differences from other images. The California wild fires changed the light and shadow. The people I’ve known in fire danger seem to be influencing the work as well.

One of the beautiful places shadows can go for me is into abstraction. I use it a lot in composition but my work has not been usually abstract. It’s good for my artist’s heart to go somewhere else. Shadows have become much more prominent in my vision. I’ve noticed that in my usual day, shadows are a much larger part of my normal perception of everything.

This is the first time I’ve seen myself in my art this way. It’s a shock to have the way I see change so powerfully. The world has changed so much and so quickly and my vision has inevitably followed.”

The exhibition is at the Project Gallery at Arc, July 10 – August 7, 2021. On July 22, from 5-6 pm, I am speaking at a Zoom event with other artists at this exhibition.


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