Tableware For Exhibition

Laurie says:

This is mostly cross-posted from my artist’s diary “laurieopal”.


The Northern California Women’s Caucus of the Arts is having a really interesting group installation that lured me in spite of how busy I am.

It’s table settings that are supposed to be a three-dimensional self portrait, and a celebration and historical documentation of each artist.

I talked it over first with my daughter Cid, who is a choreographer and does museum installation as part of her creative work.

I have silverware that was designed by my uncle Ben Seibel, who has continued to be a famous industrial designer 35 years after his death. And I have an amazing collection of antique beads that were given to me by my grandmother, who made bead jewelry for her jewelry store, The Waverly Shop, in Greenwich Village.

I decided to do wire designs with my grandmother’s beads and Ben’s stainless silver. The art in my family is definitely where I come from. And the place mat is going to be one of the Pandemic Shadows that I have been photographing.  I am living in the shadow of the pandemic and photographing the shadows everywhere. I get to make beauty in hard times.

It will be exhibited with the NWCA’s exhibition “Composing the Future”, showing in May-June 2021 at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore.


And, you also write a “Toast” (5″ by 7″) that is part of your presentation.

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