Cid Pearlman’s Film At Mexico City Videodance Festival

Laurie says:

My daughter choreographer Cid Pearlman’s short film, Moving through Loneliness, is an official selection of the 5th Mexico City Videodance Festival. The festival runs through October 10th.

She made the 10-minute film with Mara Milam, based on the three 12-minute videos they made for the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH). Jonathan Segel composed a new score specifically for this version and it’s amazing.


The work came out of a collaboration with an intergenerational group of performers, a cohort of seniors who guided her process, and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History for the exhibition We’re Still Here: Stories of Seniors; Isolation. Moving Thorough Loneliness at the museum was a combination of dance video and installation.

The film is an exquisite distillation of her exhibition. Movement and dance give a stunning rendition of the complexity of aging and loneliness. It is both visually stunning and deeply emotional.


The work was made long before the pandemic, but the expressions of loneliness and loss resonate so much with the present moment. It is a remarkably rewarding, rich and complex 10 minute work.

I wrote about the Santa Cruz museum exhibition in Body Impolitic:

I was there for the opening and the combination of the installation, the video “Moving through Loneliness”, and the dance were powerful and impressive. They expressed the empathy and the loneliness of people with deep respect for them. The interweaving of the three very different expressions creates a layered, complex, and deeply moving experience of loneliness and aging for the viewer. It’s rare that you see three art forms so perfectly and coherently blended.

The film was shown previously at the Moving body-Moving Image Festival on April 4th, 2020. The Festival explored Aging & Othering. The full exhibition moves to the Marin Civic Center and the San Francisco Public Library, dates to be announced.

The link goes to the film. See it. And you can check out other films at the Mexico City festival.

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