Photo of the Week: Manami Tachibana

Laurie says:


The photo of the week is Manami Tachibana from my project Women of Japan. Her writing is below.

My family’s mercantile history dates back about four hundred years. Before becoming merchants, my family was of Bushi (samurai) descent, serving the house of Nobunga Oda, the lord who unified the feudal lords for the first time in Japanese history.) There is still armor from the samurai period left in the shed of my head family in Miwa.
Having been raised as the first daughter in a family with a long-established shop, it was normal to have live-in servants from even before I can remember. It was forbidden to ask for anything, since my family believed that “it is not how a daughter of a good family behaves.”
I practiced Japanese dancing, piano, flower arrangement, cooking, French embroidery, dress making, knitting, and horseback riding. On the bus on the way to my lessons, I started reading books to kill time. Without noticing, I was reading more and more science fiction and fantasy books. Later on, Professor Tatsuma gave me a stern lecture that books like those were “an escape from reality,” but I could not deny that I was feeling something alien inside of me.
I was an odd child in my family, reading science fiction and manga (comic books) and watching anime (animated cartoons). It is all right to read books, but science fiction and manga for boys, not for girls, my family said.I was an odd child no matter where I was. I finally found my own space by joining “fandom,” a science fiction group, during my teens.
Tanith Lee’s novel The Silver Metal Lover is special for me. The main character, Jane, obeyed her mother like a dress-up doll. But after meeting Silver, she got back her radical self. Now, married and living away from my family, I too, am getting back my radical self, little by little.
–Manami Tachibana

タニス・リーの「銀色の恋人」Slver Metal Loverは私にとって特別な作品です。それまで母親のいうなりの着せ替え人形だった主人公のジェーンはシルヴァーと出会い、本来の自分を取り戻していっ たのですが、今、結婚して家から離れて私も徐々に本来の自分を取り戻しているのです。
— 立花眞奈美