Photo of the Week: Magritte Sculpture

Laurie Says:

I saw this photo of a sculpture of Belgian Surrealist artist, RenĂ© Magritte and was charmed by it. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the sculptor is.

[I do now thanks to the information in Deb’s comment. Marisol Escobar , otherwise known simply as Marisol, was a French sculptor of Venezuelan heritage who worked in New York City. Curator Wendy Wick Reaves said that Escobar is “always using humor and wit to unsettle us, to take all of our expectations of what a sculptor should be and what a portrait should be and messing with them. She had a fascinating and complex artistic life. The Wikipedia article is here, very well worth reading. I’m going to look at a lot more of her work and then write about her here.]

I’ve loved Magritte’s work since I was a relatively small child going to the MOMA (then the Modern Museum) in NYC. He was frequently the subject of his own paintings, in a stylized way, and never included his face. There is an image of one of his paintings below the sculpture, to give context for folks who don’t know his work.