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Photography: “The Art of Building” And Beauty

Laurie says:

Beautiful seems like a good idea right now. “Sheltering in place,” I am finding the right kinds of distraction helpful.

The Art of Building photography competition is an international showcase for the very best digital photography of the built environment.

Please click on images to read the texts. These images strike me as both beautiful and very thoughtful. The texts provide a sense of the photographers’ thoughts and context in ways that are enhancing.





Photo of the Week: Chibikko

Laurie says:

This is her photograph from Women of Japan and her writing:


When I was in junior high school, I thought of becoming a comedian.

Around that time, though, I was watching TV and I noticed that people laugh at a naked man, but, for some reason, people seem to detect a subtle atmosphere, and they don’t laugh at just a woman’s breasts.

I realized, “It is inconvenient and a loss to be a woman.”

And I said to myself, “I want to be born as a man in my next transmigration.”

Time has passed since then, and I have met many people and thought about many things.

I started to think about “transmigration.” Who knows if it exists, so instead, I can do whatever I want to do now, whatever, let it be.

I began to believe that here I am now, so do whatever I can.

People complain about many things, of course, but it is more important for me to be in a good frame of mind.