Close the Camps! Never Again Means Never Again for Anyone!


Laurie and Debbie say:

Earlier today, both of us went to the Close the Camps! rally in downtown San Francisco, outside of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office. Because the building where DiFi’s office is located is under construction, there was limited space, and the crowd quickly expanded to the other side of Montgomery Street …

… and then to close Montgomery Street, a major thoroughfare, at lunchtime on a work day. The San Francisco police allowed the Montgomery Street closure to continue, but discouraged people from blocking Market Street (the central artery of San Francisco) for a while …

… but eventually the crowd (by then about 500 people), including Laurie, expanded to block Market Street as well as Montgomery Street.

The anger and the deep compassion in the crowd were palpable. Although the demonstration was scheduled only to last an hour, protesters had too much energy and fury to disperse, so several hundred marched from downtown San Francisco to the Federal Building, where Nancy Pelosi’s office is located.

There, more major streets were blocked and more Close the Camps! chants were screamed, before the crowd eventually dispersed.

We don’t think we have to say anything at all about the reasons for people’s fury, or the reasons we were there.

Close the camps!

Never again means never again for anyone.

We honor the people who closed the streets, the protesters in similar demonstrations all over this country, and also the Jewish protesters arrested yesterday in New Jersey for blocking an ICE detention facility.

Each picture is worth a thousand words.

Millions of people should be in the streets of the United States protesting these atrocities.