Quick Take: Tess Holliday as Cosmo UK’s cover girl


Debbie says:

This is the October cover of Cosmopolitan‘s United Kingdom edition. (No, of course, U.S. folks, we don’t get a treat like this.) Unsurprisingly, it has been controversial. In particular, Piers Morgan, a prominent English journalist and TV host, said “This cover is just as dangerous & misguided as celebrating size zero models.”

Laura Capon responds to the naysayers on Cosmo UK’s website:

Thanking her supporters on Instagram Stories, Tess elaborated on what it meant to her. “I used to buy Cosmo when I was a teenager, and seeing somebody like me probably would have saved me from having such bad sex because I didn’t value myself at all.”

Although I wish that back then I had my Tess cover to cherish alongside my Britney one, I’m so proud to have it now. Seeing a fat woman unapologetically make it, without changing herself, or losing weight, is a victory for us all. I truly believe that every woman that’s ever been made to feel ashamed of their body, got their own Cosmopolitan cover yesterday.

Here’s to Tess, and all that good sex we’re about to have…

I really appreciate the way Capon and Holliday frame the issue around “bad sex,” which of course we all know is shorthand for sex with people who think you’re ugly and treat you accordingly. Speaking personally, I would have somewhat less concern about celebrating size zero models if a variety going all the way up to Tess Holliday was generally and commonly available, and women of all sizes and shapes knew more about how we can value ourselves enough to protect ourselves from (some) bad sex.

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