My Work in “Staged” in Budapest

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Laurie says:

Marlene H – Laurie Toby Edison

I am going to have work shown on 3 continents in the next 2 months and that’s exciting. I’ll be posting about all of them.

Today I’m writing about “Staged” – an exhibition at the ph21 Gallery in Budapest, running from January 18 to February 10, 2018.

Although staged photography emerged as a distinct artistic genre only a few decades ago, staging has been a standard photographic practice from the early days of the medium. For some genres like still life, fashion or nude photography, setting the stage and directing the models are almost intrinsic aspects of the creative process. Photographs belonging to other genres, for instance portraits, may or may not be staged or directed. For this exhibition we are looking for images, which have been constructed to create a unique meaning. We invite works created by artists who, in addition to that of the photographer, also assume other creative functions, such as setting or designing the scene, directing the model(s), sometimes designing the costume and set, or even applying makeup and prosthetics. Staged images, however, do not necessarily have to involve human or nonhuman models as they may rely merely on the arrangements of selected objects into a meaningful scene.

Many of the photographs are conceptual work where the title is crucial to understanding the photo. (This is not true of my work.) Check out all of them.

Maman est morte mais pas moi No 5 – Dina Sirat


The images below are also from this very varied exhibition.

The War Game – Sylvia de Swaan


The River Is Moving No.3 – Susan Keiser Ossning


Construct No. 5 – Ralph Mercer


Lift – Kelly Celeste Porter


The Doves No 1, Martin U Waltz