Pull the Football; Save the World


Debbie says:

We don’t usually advocate specific political actions on Body Impolitic, but I thought this was important enough to share. Rachel Manija Brown is directly addressing one of the issues that keeps so many of us awake at night. Sometimes it’s important to pull the football away from a child who doesn’t know how to use it.

Are you worried about nuclear war? I am too. Keep reading for a way to stop it with one simple action.

Maybe you feel small and powerless. But many snowflakes make an avalanche. If we all move in the same direction, we’ll be unstoppable. We will only fail if we choose not to act.

Trump has the power to order a pre-emptive nuclear strike for any reason – or no reason at all. He’s always shadowed by a man with a briefcase of codes, called the “nuclear football,” to enable him to launch nuclear missiles at any time. It would take less than five minutes from his order to the missiles being launched, and no one could stop him. Republican Senator Bob Corker says Trump is leading us into World War III. I believe him.

But we don’t have to stand by and let it happen. Let’s pull away that football!

Rachelmanija goes on to outline the very simple steps she recommends. The linked post has a simple and clear set of instructions to call your representative and senators, all of whom have the opportunity to vote on existing legislation (H.R. 669 in the House, S.R. 200 in the Senate) that will prevent any president (but especially this one) from pre-emptive nuclear strike without a declaration of war.

How to save the world:

1. Contact your representatives in Congress. Ask them to co-sponsor the bill NOW, before it’s too late.

2. Contact EVERYONE in Congress who might want to prevent a nuclear war. Usually people only speak to their own representatives. But with the fate of the entire world is at stake, it’s worth contacting everyone who might listen.

3. Promote the Pull The Football campaign on social media. Trump isn’t the only one who can use Twitter. Get on it and start tweeting #PullTheFootball.

Share this post on Facebook [and/or …] put up your own post on whatever social media you use. Ask your friends in person. If you know anyone in the media, contact them to get the word out. If you’re not American, you can help by publicizing the campaign on social media that Americans follow.

The post goes on to explain how to call, and why it’s important to call more than once. It is clearly written, and the urgency rachelmanija feels comes through in every word.

My representative and one of my senators have co-sponsored the bill. Today, I will call their offices and thank them, and start making other calls. I hope you will too, and that you will also share rachelmanija’s post with your network.

If not us, who?