The Call to Save Net Neutrality


Debbie says:

Today is the big push for saving net neutrality, also known as the open Internet. Please submit a public comment to the FCC, with backup to your Congresspeople, through this easy link.

If anyone has somehow missed this, here’s the story.

Donald Trump appointed Ajit Pai to head the Federal Communications Commission. Pai is a former lawyer for Verizon, and completely committed to giving ISPs the power to create fast lanes, censor anything they don’t want you to see, and requiring pay-to-play.

Body Impolitic is a tiny offering that would be hurt by this. Also at risk are companies as big as Netflix, political sites you care about, games you want to play, and just about anything else that doesn’t come directly through the big media/cable companies. Know how much you like dealing with your TV/internet provider? That’s how much they care what you want.

I wanted to see a dramatic day of action, including turning the Internet black or something of that sort. However, the organizers have opted to try to get literally millions of public comments submitted to the FCC, with backup to your Congresspeople. Even if you have already submitted a public comment, please send another one today!