Photos From New York

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Laurie says:

I’m back after a trip to New York City and New England. I’m doing almost no travel for the next few months and will be posting regularly.

There were a few beautiful images that I saw while I was there.  These are the two that I photographed successfully.


It was taken at the Cloisters, a museum of medieval art constructed from pieces of four monasteries and abbeys that were brought to Fort Tryon Park and rebuilt into the museum. The reconstructed cloisters are surrounded by early medieval gardens and a series of indoor chapels and rooms grouped by period and source location. It’s remarkably successful and the art is stunning.


This was taken just before a thunderstorm from the 22nd floor of a building near 46th St and Fifth Ave. A few blocks away, the first place I ever worked was replaced by a mirrored skyscraper.

Please click on photos for details and close-ups; it adds a lot.