Symbols, Art and Memory

Laurie says:

I met Tory Ferrey last summer at the Kansas City Worldcon. She was there with her father Jon Arfstrom’s  art. He did fantasy and science fiction art and some of his work is remarkable. I bought a print from her that is hanging in my studio. It’s brilliant work of art and evokes, for me, a sense of my grandmother, who taught me her art.

She bought a sheep pendant from me. It’s a very detailed 17th century archaic sheep that’s from “The Ram Rebellion” by Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce. It is, in part, about a people’s resistance movement with the ram, “Brillo”, as the symbol. (Virginia was good enough to point me at exactly the right sheep for the model.)

This all feels particularly appropriate right now.

Torry herself does beautiful felted work. She was familiar with the varieties of sheep and appreciated the care and detail that has gone into my work. She told me she had done these sheep in felt and later sent me a photo of them.

This has me thinking about art and symbols of resistance – fictional 17th century and very real 21st.