May 1st: Immigration March


Laurie says:

I was on the Immigration March in San Francisco today. And I took the photos below. It made me remember the first May Day March that I went on. I was about 5 and I went with my aunt Miriam who was a socialist at that point, and had been a communist in the 30’s. It was House Un-American Activities Committee time: Black lists, people leaving the country and some people going to jail. The assaults on and repression of black soldiers coming back from the war. I remember being proud to be there and I remember being scared.

The march in San Francisco had thousands of people and was intense and high energy; but the mayor led it, so obviously no reason to be scared today. (I’ve been on marches that were scary.) But the times are all too similar and that scares me.

It feels like the resistance is building; and it’s going to be a long 4 years.