Flowers for So Many Mothers


Debbie says:

Evan Greer made an extraordinary series of tweets, and I just want to share them with you:

Each of these is accompanied on Twitter by different flowers, but I’ve just reused a few of the flower pictures. The captions are all from Evan Greer:

These are for the trans moms who are estranged from their children or families simply for choosing to live their lives as they truly are.

These are for the moms who would rather not have been moms but we’re denied the basic right to make that decision.

These are for the revolutionary moms who have taken incredible risks +faced immeasurable repression to fight for their children’s liberation.

These are for the moms who are artists, musicians, and creators who are constantly told they should give up their passion for parenting.

These are for the undocumented moms who know that at any moment they could be permanently separated from their children by a callous system.

These are for the fulltime moms who work their butts off every day+then have to hear people say their income earning partners “work so hard.”

These are for the moms of black children, who live every day knowing that their kids’ lives are in danger & not valued by this racist system.

These are for all the moms struggling with depression, anxiety, or other obstacles, who hide that because society tells them they have to.

These are for all the nonbinary / gender queer / trans masc parents who don’t identify as moms and get misgendered extra hard today.

These are for the single moms who face constant judgment, while supporting a family with less than half the income many families have.

These are for all the moms in prison, and the moms whose children or other loved ones have been taken by mass incarceration.

These are for all the trans moms who don’t get cards or flowers or texts today because no one recognizes their mothering. I see & love you.

She may add more, so check her Twitter feed. I don’t have anything to add: I’m just appreciating the range of ways she thinks about mothers, and the range of mothers she sent gifts to.