Body of Work: Queerness, Sexuality, Disability, Chronic Illness, and Spoken Words

Debbie says:

Hey, it’s June in San Francisco! You’re not overbooked here, are you? Of course not.

Good, because my friend Gina deVries is curating a spoken-word show tomorrow in San Francisco which I’m really looking forward to.

BodyofWorkKey-300x225San Francisco LGBT Community Center
1800 Market Street @ Octavia, San Francisco
$12-$20, No One Turned Away
June 16th, 7:30pm:
ASL Interpretation Provided / Wheelchair Accessible Venue / Scent-Free Policy

Body of Work is a multi-media performance show exploring queerness, sexuality, disability, chronic illness, and the question: “How do you have a body?” Seasoned disabled queer cultural workers join forces with emerging disabled queer cultural workers across multiple disciplines. This year’s cast includes queer, trans, and non-binary writers, dancers, film-makers, and performance artists, whose genres and passions span from the pornographic to the academic and back again. The directive for each artist is deceptively simple:  “Make art about what it means to have a body; what it means to be queer and disabled and alive in 2015.” The result? Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Here’s the line-up (bios of these amazing people at the link above): Neve Be, Katherine Cross, Gina de Vries, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Cinnamon Maxxine and Rachel K. Zall .

I’ll be there, and I hope to review the show here later this week, but meanwhile you know you’d rather hear it for yourself than read my review.