Judith Butler: The Cat’s Meow


Laurie and Debbie’s cats say:

Meow! We don’t usually read the internet, because it doesn’t come with either tuna or strings to chase. But we do like Binary This, especially when they make so much sense. This is just the beginning. You want to read the rest.

We don’t get why Judith Butler (who sounds like she’s really smart) has to use so many long and complicated words. Is it “performativity” if we catch mice? Or is that “fatally determined”? Well, maybe it’s fatally determined for the mice.

Anyway, HannahKy at Binary This knows how to explain things really well! And some of the cats in those pictures are really hot!

Now where’s our tuna?

Link found through j00j; blog author photo is Kima, photo by Alan Bostick.