Photography: Amazingly Beautiful Vegetable MRIs

Laurie says:

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while.

Over at the blog Inside, Insides, Andy Ellison of Boston University Medical School has been throwing the entire produce aisle inside a Philips 3 Tesla MRI, revealing the otherworldly realms that dwell inside common foods. Here’s but a small sampling of his many see-through delicacies, immortalized as GIFs — my favorite is the broccoli explosion.  i09 We Come From The Future –  Cyriaque Lama  (This is the better link for seeing the images.) The series of slices flow through interior to exterior views.



These MRI moving pictures of vegetables are amazing. I know that a trip to the vegetable market is often an aesthetic experience for me.  I have been known to buy beautiful vegetables simply to admire.  For me these black and white visions in motion are totally unexpected in their  beauty.


The still images are beautiful but  the moving MRI’s are an entirely different experience.


Also check out the high res still images on Inside, Insides.