Iceberg Portraits

Laurie says:

I recently saw this remarkable slide show of iceberg photos by Camille Seaman.  What fascinates me is that they are portraits of individual icebergs, not traditional landscapes. I’m particularly interested because of comments that photos I’ve done of inanimate objects look like portraits. At first I dismissed the idea but I’m beginning to think it may be true.


Quotes are from the New York Times article.

One might think these majestic images of massive icebergs were the work of a master landscape photographer.

They are not.

They’re the work of an insightful portraitist who is able to capture the distinct nuances of the individual personalities that she sees in what others might consider inanimate monoliths.

“They are like humans in that each one reacts to its environment and its circumstances in its own way,” Camille Seaman, 42, said. “I’ve come across icebergs that were very stalwart and just refused to dissolve or break up. And there were others — massive, massive icebergs — that were like ‘I can’t take it anymore’ and in front of my eyes would just dissolve into the sea. There’s so many unique personalities. There’s a sadness to them.

She feels that growing up as a member of the Shinnecock tribe had a profound affect on her vision. Her grandfather..would take Ms. Seaman and her younger brother, Shane, into the woods and “teach us how to not just see a tree, but to recognize the tree as an individual.”

“To really see its face, its shape in the bark, how its branches go, so that you knew that tree, almost like you know your face, and so that you would never be lost because you would recognize them as sort of your relatives,” she said.

The slide show is complex and beautiful. Watch the whole thing.