Enoch Arden, Michi and Jackie

Laurie says:

Kyoko Michishita was one of the women I worked with on my Women of Japan project. She is a noted feminist and does strong anti-military work.  Michi is also a well known translator.



She recently published a Japanese translation of Tennyson’s Enoch Arden,  a remarkable accomplishment, particularly given the language differences.

She had asked my permission to use the photo I took of her with her cat Jackie (who unfortunately passed away) as her author photo, and of course I said yes. The publisher used a crop of my photo for the book jacket.  (A “crop” is a section of a whole negative or photograph usually chosen for the aesthetics.) And usually, if you are the photographer and have already made your choice, you are often less then thrilled. Magazines frequently do this for overall design purposes, and in that framework it’s perfectly reasonable.

This time, when I got the book and saw the crop, I was pleased. In the context of the book jacket I really liked their choice, so I thought I would share it.

As is obvious from the photo, Michi and Jackie were very close.