San Francisco Mission District: Beware Brutal Rapist!

Laurie and Debbie say:

(He was caught on 1/10.)

This message is from San Francisco Women Against Rape and is very current.

There is a serial rapist attacking women near 25th and Potrero. [He is] particularly brutal (breaking necks) and he’s doing it in public. Fighting back does not deter him. The police have requested that this not go into the news or posted in flyers as that would lead to him relocating and they’re trying to catch him. So, please spread the word via word of mouth to those who spend time in the neighborhood. He’s doing it around around 4-5am.

He apparently attacked another woman at 24th and Fair Oaks at 6:30 in the morning this morning (Friday).

Please spread the word so that every woman you know (or someone you know might know) who is ever in the Mission has the opportunity to take care of yourself.

There were apparently no witnesses, and are no suspects at present – however, in the event that you may have heard or seen something in this area at that time, PLEASE NOTIFY THE POLICE DIRECTLY. Believe it or not, the preferred contact method is not by phone (which ties up the station’s switchboard), but by email or Twitter:

Twitter: twitter@sfpd/mission

Laurie lives in this neighborhood. We both feel that it’s important to get the word out on this in every way possible that doesn’t interfere with the police plans to catch him before even one more woman is harmed.

Further information update in SFWeekly