Thinking About Japan

Laurie says:

Since the earthquake Friday, I’ve been thinking about Japan and checking the news online almost hourly when I’m home. I ‘m worried and frightened for Japan and for my friends and the people I’ve worked with there. (Everyone I’ve contacted is OK at this point.)

I don’t have anything to say right now that would add to the larger conversation. I just need to express my deep concerns here.

1 thought on “Thinking About Japan

  1. I spoke to a friend who has close friends and colleagues in Sendai as well as Tokyo, and she reported the same feelings. Although everyone she knows escaped injury, many are going without food, water or sufficient shelter and she would like to be able to be there to help, even knowing that being there would not help. She said some people she knows there who have been encouraged to evacuate to the US will probably stay to be with relatives who cannot leave.

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