The Cops Said NO!

Marlene says:

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You may, from reading my various opinions on various things have gathered that I almost never have good things to say about police officers. I have plenty of reasons for this. Despite the fact that I admire the impulse to serve the public and to protect people from harm, I rarely think that the police are deployed in service of the public good so much as in service of private property and private interests. The police also tend to reflect and reinforce the kyriarchical tendencies of their cultures. My biggest issue with most police officers is their seeming unwillingness to question the legality, morality, or simple sense of their orders.

Last week, I was shocked to hear that police in Wisconsin ordered to clear the Capitol of protesters refused and joined the protest.


Also, to the rest of the world:

Imagine my anger when I learned that the Pete Seeger version is owned by Sony.