Young, Fat, and Fashion-Conscious

Lynne Murray says:

When I saw this lovely little documentary video the fat body (in)visible by Margitte Kristjansson, I had to share it. The film is 25 minutes long. I loved the use of music as well. And ya gotta love the tattoos!

One cautionary note: some of the beautiful nude images the film displays (from Substantia Jones’ Adipositivity Project site, which Laurie and Debbie wrote about here a few years ago) may not be safe to view in some workplaces.

In my own life I’ve usually looked upon fashion as a spectator sport, but clearly for these young, fat fashionistas, it’s an art form. This small film offers a delightful taste of the pleasure that can be gained by appreciating the beauty in fat bodies. The two young women the film centers on, Jessica and Keena, also address ways in which fat bodies can be a lightning rod for the insecurity and oftentimes hostility of observers. With truly admirable poise, they describe how they deal with being fat and simultaneously invisible and hyper-visible.

That’s my kind of holiday treat!