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Li Xiaofeng: Art from Antique Shards

Laurie says

I think these art works of “ceramic clothing”  by  Li Xiaofeng are amazing. He is an artist working in Beijing, who makes clothing pieced from shards of traditional Chinese ceramics from the Song, Ming, Yuan and Qing dynasties. They are sewn on a leather undergarment base and can be modeled/worn. Besides beauty and the originality, there something about work made from shards up to a thousand years old that really appeals to me.


It was a pleasure to find a photo of an artist at work.

More photos of his work are here.

china shard jacket

Two Unrelated Announcements: Judy Freespirit Memorial, LeGuin Appreciation Published

Debbie says:

Elena Nachman has announced the Public Memorial for Judy Freespirit:

Saturday, Nov. 6th, from 3:30-8pm
Program will start at approximately 4 pm

Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club
1650 Mountain Blvd (at the corner of Thornhill)
Oakland, CA 94611

All are invited. Anyone who wants to speak is welcome to, though we request you respect a 4 minute time limit.

In the spirit of the ’70s women’s movements, we will have a pot luck – if you can, please bring a dish to share with a card listing the ingredients. Please, no scents, perfumes, flowers or candles to keep the space safe for folks with chemical sensitivities.

The Montclair Club is accessible through the rear parking lot. Accessible parking is limited (street parking is relatively easy).
Please contact Susan at to reserve accessible parking.

For any other questions or info, or to volunteer to help, contact Elana at


And then I want to announce my new publication. In 2009, Ursula LeGuin, science fiction and fantasy writer, feminist, thinker, celebrated her 80th birthday. Karen Joy Fowler and I put together a “festschrift,” a volume to mark the occasion. The original idea was Kim Stanley Robinson’s.

the book cover, with a fairly recent color photo of LeGuin in the center and black and white pictures from her history in a collage around it

Aqueduct Press is releasing the book formally next month for LeGuin’s 81st birthday, but to my surprise and delight, Timmi Duchamp, Aqueduct’s guiding genius, has just announced a lower-priced presale ($4 off the $19 cover price).

Get your red-hot copy right here.

The book has essays, poetry, and original fiction. Contributors include Karen Joy Fowler, Andrea Hairston, Ellen Kushner, John Kessel, Gwyneth Jones, Kim Stanley Robinson, Nisi Shawl, and many more. I have a short essay in the book, and Lynn Kendall, who frequently comments here and recommends topics, has a longer one.

I am inordinately proud of it.