Li Xiaofeng: Art from Antique Shards

Laurie says

I think these art works of “ceramic clothing”  by  Li Xiaofeng are amazing. He is an artist working in Beijing, who makes clothing pieced from shards of traditional Chinese ceramics from the Song, Ming, Yuan and Qing dynasties. They are sewn on a leather undergarment base and can be modeled/worn. Besides beauty and the originality, there something about work made from shards up to a thousand years old that really appeals to me.


It was a pleasure to find a photo of an artist at work.

More photos of his work are here.

china shard jacket

1 thought on “Li Xiaofeng: Art from Antique Shards

  1. I have a necklace made from a piece of pottery along these lines. It was rescued from a shipwreck and my father bought it for me decades ago. It’s not an especially beautiful necklace in the jewelry sense, but it’s very special to me because of its age and provenance.

    I think of it when I see these. I would really love to see an original, because I can tell from the pictures that a lot of the work doesn’t photograph.

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