Curiously Inedible Food Art

Laurie and Debbie say:

Just for fun, we thought we’d share this beautiful food art, done in advertising photography style. (Several years ago, we found fine art food sculptures, which are very different.)

elegant evening handbag of blueberries with silver trim

Notice how the blueberries were carefully auditioned for their roles in the handbag, each one perfect and perfectly matched for size and color.

bracelet of tiny silver fish, each one "standing" on its fins, with a matching silver clasp

While many in this series are beautiful, these fish are the most inspired. The way the color of the fish exquisitely match the color of the clasp is a lovely touch.

handbag of broccoli florets with gold fittings and green leather handle

Fulvio Bonavia, the photographer, is an award-winning Italian photographer who apparently does a mix of commercial and art photography. These photographs are from his book, A Matter of Taste. He built all of these food artifacts by hand; no Photoshop was harmed in the creation of these accessories.

Thanks to Arthur D. Hlavaty for the pointer.